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English - Turkish
Külhanbeyi, kabadayı
{i} farfara
{i} afili kabadayı
{i} atıcı
{i} kavgacı kahraman (hikâye)
English - English
A kind of period adventure story with flashy action and lighthearted tone
A daring adventurer
A swordsman or fencer, that engages in showy or extravagant sword play
A ruffian; a swaggerer “From swashing,” says Fuller, “and making a noise on the buckler ” The sword-players used to “swash” or tap their shield, as fencers tap their foot upon the ground when they attack (Worthies of England ) (A D 1662 ) (See Swinge-Buckler ) “A bravo, a swashbuckler, one that for money and good cheere will follow any man to defend him; but if any danger come, he runs away the first, and leaves him in the lurch ”- Florio Swear now means to take an oath, but the primitive sense is merely to aver or affirm; when to affirm on oath was meant, the word oath was appended, as “I swear by oath ” Shakespeare uses the word frequently in its primitive sense; thus Othello says of Desdemona- “She swore, in faith, `twas strange, `twas passing strange ” Othello, i 3 Swear Black is White (To) To swear to any falsehood
{i} reckless adventurer
a reckless impetuous irresponsible person
a/ Term given to one who wears a sword and buckler The sword swashes against the buckler, as they move b/ A ruthless bully or sailor who uses sword and buckler c/ Film style featuring much swordplay d/ Gallant swordsman
1 ) From the Old English words, "swash" to drum, and "buckler" a small hand-held shield, one who beats his sword against his shield to create a drumming sound to intimidate the enemy 2 ) Any work of fiction featuring adventurous characters
A bully or braggadocio; a swaggering, boastful fellow; a swaggerer
plural of swashbuckler