sum total

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English - Turkish
exceed the sum total
sigorta değerini aşmak
total sum
total sum of squares
kareler toplamı
set off against total sum
(Ticaret) toplam tutardan düşmek
the sum total of
-in toplamı: The sum total of their debts amounted to fifty million liras. Borçlarının toplamı elli milyon lira
the sum total of
-in toplamı
English - English
The sum total of a number of things is all the things added or considered together. You often use this expression to indicate that you are disappointed because the total amount is rather small. That small room contained the sum total of the family's possessions = sum. the whole of an amount the sum total of
overall, final sum including everything; total amount for payment
total sum of squares
The sum of squared deviations of individual measurements from the mean. The total sum of squares is a sum of 2 portions; regression sum of squares and error sum of squares
total sum
total amount, amount of all items added together
sum total


    sum to·tal

    Turkish pronunciation

    sʌm tōtıl


    /ˈsəm ˈtōtəl/ /ˈsʌm ˈtoʊtəl/


    ... The sum total of human knowledge, even just that tiny ...

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