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Concern for that which is unseen and intangible, as opposed to physical or mundane
Appreciation for religious values
{n} immateriality, a pure act of the soul, that which belongs to an ecclesiastic
This term signifies an attempt to find the god within and without and battle negativity
is the experience or relationship with the empowering source of ultimate value, purpose and meaning of human life producing healing and hope, and is articulated in diverse beliefs and practices of individuals and communities (SDH Spiritual Care)
concern with things of the spirit
1 the state or quality of being dedicated to God, religion, or spiritual things or values, especially as contrasted with material or temporal ones
property or income owned by a church
the practice of paying C: S to control one's mind
Calcite, Diamond, Lepidolite, Sphene, Sugilite
Sites focusing on the spirit or the soul, evangelizing spiritual practice, celebrating God(s) or any other divine power - traditional or otherwise Sites that focus on the spirit or the soul These include sites which provide information about the ritual, history and practice of all forms of spirituality, church and temple sites, online confessions, virtual prayer groups, and astrology sites as well as sites that provide a platform for direct online spiritual experience
That which belongs to the church, or to a person as an ecclesiastic, or to religion, as distinct from temporalities
the quality of being interested in religion or religious matters
The quality or state of being spiritual; incorporeality; heavenly- mindedness
This is generally understood to refer to the path of awareness Unfortunately, however, this term has taken on a separative meaning For example, “spiritual” has been divided from “physical ” Yet in authentic awareness, there can be no such separation Back to Top
(a) relating to spirit or sacred matters; (b) being connected to the essence of self, others and life; (c) an experience of coming home to self and connecting to others
An ecclesiastical body; the whole body of the clergy, as distinct from, or opposed to, the temporality
A specific way of living some particular aspect of the Gospel
{i} quality of being spiritual; involvement in spiritual matters; spiritual aspect of a person



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    /ˌspərəʧəwˈalətē/ /ˌspɪrɪʧəwˈælətiː/

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