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Bu sadece spekülasyon. - This is just speculation.

Cümleler için bir pazar olsaydı, dil bilgisi spekülasyonlarımız birdenbire anlam bulurdu. - If there existed a market for sentences, our grammatical speculations would suddenly make sense.

(isim) spekülasyon
(Askeri) belirlenmiş (specified)
spec sheet
spec levha
(Bilgisayar) belirle
off spec
Standart gereklilikleri karşılamayan
on spec
Başarmak umuduyla fakat belirli bir hazırlık veya plan olmadan
naval special operations command; naval special operations component; naval spec
(Askeri) deniz kuvvetleri özel harekat komutanlığı; deniz kuvvetleri özel harekat unsuru; deniz kuvvetleri özel harp özel harekat unsuru; Deniz Kuvvetleri özel harekat unsuru
on spec
kumar gibi
(isim) gözlük
i., çoğ., k.dili. gözlük
English - English
short form of specification
short form of speculation
To specify, especially in a formal specification document

Could they still include the kinds of playful animations Ballinger had specced now that the scenes were more realistic-looking and less whimsical?.

a special place (for hiding or viewing)
short form of specialization
short form of special
a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work
The spec for something, especially a machine or vehicle, is its design and the features included in it. The standard spec includes stainless steel holding tanks. = specification
Someone's specs are their glasses. a young businessman in his specs and suit
Various governing bodies may require certain components of the kart (e g tires, engine) to fit certain 'specifications' (specs) The tech inspection will try to ensure that all components are according to spec Some open classes do not bother about such technicalities
Abbreviation for "specification "
Specification of the properties, characteristics, or requirements a particular material or part must have in order to be acceptable to a potential user of the material or part
A creatively designed ad from the art department, to be shown to accounts as a basic layout for a proposed ad
a script that was written without the prior guarantee that it would be sold In other words, it was written with the speculation that it might sell Most scripts written are considered "speculative "
If you do something on spec, you do it hoping to get something that you want, but without being asked or without being certain to get it. When searching for a job Adrian favours networking and writing letters on spec
{i} specification, detailed description of the technical qualities of an object (including dimensions, weight, composition, etc.)
"spec" means "subset" In Cyc-8, there was a predicate called #$spec, which was the inverse of #$genls The predicate became obsolete in Cyc-9, but Cyclists still use it all the time when talking about the CYC® ontology For instance, one might say, "#$Deity is a spec of #$Agent "
- Short for "speculation " Work done "on spec" is done for no guaranteed remuneration, in hope of winning the job, campaign or account in question Pitches to prospective clients used to be done almost exclusively on spec
Selection Prequalification and Evaluation of Consultants is a computer system used by PWGSC to register architectural and engineering firms

What's your specialty? - What is your specialty?

A special task force managed to catch a suicide bomber downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan. - A special taskforce managed to catch a suicide bomber downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

spec home
A home that is built for a homebuilder according to their specifications without a sales order
spec homes
plural form of spec home
spec sheet
specification sheet, document containing a detailed technical description (e.g. of a tool, machine, mechanical device, invention submitted in a patent request, etc.)
on spec
With the hope of selling it, as opposed to on commission (for hire)

I see. Unger pursed his midget mouth, which didn't need pursing. You're shooting at it on spec..

plural form of specifications
off spec
Does not meet the specified or standard requirements
on spec
In the hope of success but without any specific preparation or plan
on spec
means the writer was not officially assigned the work by an editor The editor is not obligated to publish the piece
on spec
Calling or shooting something on pure speculation, without any guarantee "We're heading to the neighborhood on spec "
on spec
To create a design or to write copy without being paid but with the intent to garner a contract for a particular job
on spec
Editors will sometimes look at works "on speculation", meaning that they have some interest in the piece, but are under no obligation to buy
on spec
Work done without a contract, in the hope that one will be forthcoming: "on speculation "
on spec
Short for "on speculation " This refers to a manuscript written for an editor who has expressed interested in an idea or story, but who is unwilling to buy the piece sight-unseen The editor doesn't promise to buy your manuscript, but does promise to give it a fair reading
A term that refers to the architect's or draftsman's blueprints that specify how and with what materials a building should be constructed; AKA plans
specifications; performance figures of an aircraft, including dimensions, weight, payload, speed and cost
The units of stretch the fabric stretches when loaded in the warp, fill and bias before and after flutter
Complete and precise written description (or specifications) of features of a printing job such as type size and leading, paper grade and quantity, printing quality or binding method
plural short form of specifications
see spec. Eyeglasses; spectacles
specifications, or written detailed descriptions of how all elements in a book should be typeset and positioned (also called spec tape)
short form of spectacles
{i} spectacles, eye glasses (Informal)
optical instrument consisting of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision
specifications and parameters of the radar equipment provided to and by the producer
Abbr for specifications

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    /ˈspek/ /ˈspɛk/


    [ 'spek ] (transitive verb.) 1965. 2specs.


    ... So by building on the existing HTML5 auto complete spec, ...
    ... implements the spec. TPM is secure. One of the ways in which it's ...

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