so there

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English - Turkish
{k} işte! (Kızgınlıkla söylenen bir sözü pekiştirmek için kullanılır.): Furthermore, I shall have your electricity cut off. So there!
(deyim) iste o kadar!
English - English
A defiant expression used to finish a poorly-made argument

Well, well, I'll break your vase in return, so there.

so there

    Turkish pronunciation

    sō dher


    /ˈsō ˈᴛʜer/ /ˈsoʊ ˈðɛr/


    [ 'sO, esp before adj or adv ] (adverb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English swA; akin to Old High German sO so, Latin sic so, thus, si if, Greek hOs so, thus, Latin suus one's own; more at SUICIDE.


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