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The band of frequencies each side of the frequency of a carrier wave; formed as a result of modulation of the carrier
the portion of a modulated carrier wave that is either above or below the basic signal; the portion above is the upper sideband (USB); the portion below is the lower sideband (LSB); c f single sideband
An additional frequency produced as a result of a modulation AM, FM and Ring Modulation can all generate sidebands that are not necessarily present in either of the original signals
Frequencies distributed above and below the carrier that contain energy resulting from amplitude modulation The frequencies above the carrier are called upper sidebands, and the frequencies below the carrier are called lower sidebands
This value indicates the LO1 sideband setting The possible values are ``Upper'', ``Lower'', or ``Test Tone''
  In amplitude modulation (AM), a band of frequencies  higher than or lower than  the carrier frequency, containing energy  as a result of the modulation  process   (188)  Note: Amplitude modulation results in two sidebands   The frequencies above the carrier frequency constitute what is referred to as the "upper sideband";  those below the carrier frequency, constitute the "lower sideband " In conventional AM transmission, both sidebands are present   Transmission in which one sideband is removed is called "single-sideband transmission "
single-sideband modulation
A modification of amplitude modulation that modulates the output signal on a single sideband only, as opposed to both sidebands