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To scamper off

I know why they scut..

Some menial, common unfinished task left for medical students, or some clinically useful training
rump, pudenda, vulva

One of the sisters backed up to the fire and hiked up the tail of her dress and bent over and thrust out her scut to it and stared at Inman with a look of glazed pleasure in her blue eyes.

A short, erect tail, as of a hare or rabbit
A contemptible person

Fat-headed scut. That's what he is, scut. Thinks he runs the whole river..

Distasteful work; drudgery

So they give the people assigned to the Probation Squad every scut case that other squads don't want to handle..

A slut; whore; hussy

You scut, she said as we hit the entrance ramp of the interstate. You're a scut-pumping Conservative.

{n} the tail of a hare a loose woman
short, erect tail, as of a hare or rabbit
{i} short tail (like that of a rabbit)
slut; whore; hussie
The tail of a hare, or of a deer, or other animal whose tail is short, esp
contemptible person
when carried erect; hence, sometimes, the animal itself
a short erect tail
scut monkey
New medical students, as they begin their clinical rotations (often after the first two years of a four-year medical program), or new residents who are rotating off-service
scut monkeys
plural form of scut monkey
scut work
trivial unrewarding tedious dirty and disagreeable chores; "the hospital hired him to do scut work