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{n} a slight cut
{a} of or belonging to Scotland
{v} to cut slightly, to cut off
A block of wood or a brick used under vehicle wheels to prevent rolling
Scotch Game
A common Open Game in chess, in which White's third move is queen's pawn to the forth rank
Scotch crow
A hooded crow, Corvus cornix
Scotch crows
plural form of Scotch crow
Scotch egg
A savoury dish made of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs
Scotch eggs
plural form of Scotch egg
Scotch fillet
A ribeye steak
Scotch fillets
plural form of Scotch fillet
Scotch hands
butter beaters; large wooden spatulas used when making butter, made out of sycamore wood, or metal, used for shaping the butter into bricks and for other miscellaneous manipulation. One side of the paddle will have ribs or be fluted
Scotch pancake
A small, often buttered, sweet pancake served as a teatime dessert
Scotch whiskies
plural form of Scotch whisky
Scotch whisky
Whisky made in Scotland
scotch bonnet
A variety of hot chilli pepper (a cultivar of Capsicum chinense)
scotch egg
Alternative spelling of Scotch egg
scotch on the rocks
Scotch whiskey served over ice (as opposed "scotch neat" served without ice)
scotch fillet
The rib eye or ribeye, also known as the Scotch fillet (Australia) is a beef steak from the beef rib. When cut into steaks, the ribeye is one of the most popular, juiciest, and expensive steaks on the market. Meat from the rib section is tender and fattier (the meat is said to be "marbled") than other cuts of beef. This extra fat makes ribeye steaks and roasts especially tender and flavorful
Scotch blessing
reprimand, scolding
Scotch bonnet
A cultivar of the tropical pepper Capsicum chinense having irregularly shaped, yellow to red fruit that is among the hottest of all peppers
Scotch broth
thick soup made from vegetables, meat, and barley (=type of grain)
Scotch cousin
distant relative
Scotch egg
A Scotch egg is a hard boiled egg that is covered with sausage meat and breadcrumbs, then fried. A hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated with bread crumbs, and deep-fried. a cooked egg that is covered with meat and breadcrumbs, then fried
Scotch marriage
marriage which is not legally recognized
Scotch mist
heavy mist or fog
Scotch verdict
inconclusive verdict
Scotch whisky
type of alcoholic drink
Scotch whisky
A whiskey distilled in Scotland from malted barley
Scotch woodcock
A savory dish consisting of scrambled eggs on toast with anchovies or anchovy paste
{i} ® scouring pads used to scrub pots and pans
If someone, especially an American, is Scotch-Irish, they are descended from both Scottish and Irish people, especially from Scottish people who had settled in Northern Ireland. Scotch-Irish is also a noun. Virginia's Great Valley, where the Scotch-Irish had settled in the eighteenth century
scotch a mutiny
suppress a rebellion, stop an uprising
scotch and soda
a highball with Scotch malt whiskey and club soda
scotch asphodel
false asphodel having spikes of white or white-green flowers; of mountainous regions of Europe
scotch broth
a thick soup made from beef or mutton with vegetables and pearl barley
scotch broth
{i} Scottish soup made from beef or lamb with vegetables and pearl barley
scotch egg
hard-cooked egg encased in sausage meat then breaded and deep-fried
scotch fir
{i} pine tree that has twisted bluish-green needles and flaking red-brown bark found in northern Europe and Asia, Scotch pine; the wood of said scotch fir
scotch kiss
butterscotch candy kiss
scotch laburnum
an ornamental shrub or tree of the genus Laburnum
scotch pine
pine tree that has twisted bluish-green needles and flaking red-brown bark found in northern Europe and Asia, scotch fir; wood of said scotch pine
scotch pine
medium large 2-needled pine of northern Europe and Asia having flaking red-brown bark
scotch rite
The ceremonial observed by one of the Masonic systems, called in full the Ancient and Accepted Scotch Rite; also, the system itself, which confers thirty-three degrees, of which the first three are nearly identical with those of the York rite
scotch terrier
old Scottish breed of small long-haired usually black terrier with erect tail and ears
scotch terrier
One of a breed of small terriers with long, rough hair
scotch the snake
crush the skull of a snake
scotch woodcock
creamy scrambled eggs on toast spread with anchovy paste
past of scotch
plural of scotch
third-person singular of scotch
present participle of scotch
Dressing stone with a pick or pointed instrument