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To state in reply; -- followed by an object clause

'Be careful what you do,' rejoined another man's voice that I did not know, 'lest someone see you digging, and scent us out.'.

To come, or go, again into the presence of; to join the company of again

The pair parted company and Stephen rejoined Mr Bloom who, with his practised eye, was not without perceiving that he had succumbed to the blandiloquence of the other parasite. Alluding to the encounter he said, laughingly, Stephen, that is:.

To join again; to unite after separation
: To answer to a reply
Lauje To answer, as the defendant to the plaintiff's replication
to reunite after separation
{v} to join or meet again, reply, answer
{f} join again; reunite; be joined again, be reunited; answer, respond, reply
answer back
If you rejoin a route, you go back to it after travelling along a different route for a time. At Dorset Wharf go left to rejoin the river. to go back to a group of people, organization etc that you were with before. to say something in reply, especially rudely or angrily = retort
(Law) To answer, as the defendant to the plaintiffs replication
To answer, as the defendant to the plaintiff's replication
If you rejoin someone, you go back to them after a short time away from them. Mimi and her family went off to Tunisia to rejoin her father
If you rejoin a group, club, or organization, you become a member of it again after not being a member for a period of time. The Prime Minister of Fiji has said Fiji is in no hurry to rejoin the Commonwealth
join again
To state in reply; followed by an object clause
To answer to a reply
Simple past tense and past participle of rejoin
past of rejoin
present participle of rejoin
third-person singular of rejoin



    Turkish pronunciation



    /rēˈʤoin/ /riːˈʤɔɪn/


    [ ri-'join, transitive sense ] (verb.) 15th century. French rejoindre; pref. re- re- + joindre to join. See join, and confer rejoinder.


    ... mitterrand could take an important step to rejoin the community of nations ...

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