raymond arthur dart

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born Feb. 4, 1893, Toowong, Brisbane, Queen., Austl. died Nov. 22, 1988, Johannesburg, S.Af. Australian-born South African physical anthropologist and paleontologist. In 1924, when Asia was still believed to have been the cradle of humankind, Dart's discovery of the so-called Taung skull near the Kalahari substantiated Charles Darwin's prediction that such ancestral hominid forms would be found in Africa. Dart named the skull and established it as the type specimen of a new genus and species, Australopithecus africanus (see Australopithecus). He lived to see his findings corroborated by additional discoveries that firmly established Africa as the site of human origins. Dart taught at the University of Witwatersrand from 1923 to 1958
raymond arthur dart


    Ray·mond Ar·thur dart

    Turkish pronunciation

    reymınd ärthır därt


    /ˈrāmənd ˈärᴛʜər ˈdärt/ /ˈreɪmənd ˈɑːrθɜr ˈdɑːrt/

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