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A relationship of mutual trust and respect

He always tried to maintain a rapport with his customers.

Two or more people being in sync Getting along well and agreeing on what is currently going Mirroring each other in some fashion and communicating Understanding each other
\ra-POR; ruh-\, noun: A relation, especially one characterized by sympathetic understanding, emotional affinity, or mutual trust
Rapport refers to the depth of interpersonal relationship established between an interviewer and a respondent during an interview
(a) A comfortable relationship between the subject and the tester, ensuring cooperation in replying to test questions (b) A similar relationship between therapist and patient (c) A special relationship of hypnotic subject to hypnotist
{i} understanding, close relationship, camaraderie
A condition in which responsiveness has been established, often described as feeling safe, trusting, or willing
A relationship of ease, harmony, and accord between the subject and examiner or therapist
relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people
Relation; proportion; conformity; correspondence; accord
sympathetic compatibility
A satisfying relationship with another person, involving a basic level of communication and mutual support Back to Human Relations Page
If two people or groups have a rapport, they have a good relationship in which they are able to understand each other's ideas or feelings very well. He said he wanted `to establish a rapport with the Indian people' The success depends on good rapport between interviewer and interviewee. friendly agreement and understanding between people relationship rapport with/between (rapporter )
That conscious feeling of harmonious accord, mutual responsiveness, and sympathy that contributes to the patient's confidence in the therapist and willingness to work cooperatively with him or her
A state of mutual trust and respect existing between two or more people Rapport is the primary basis for all successful communication
One way of persuading your audience to agree with your argument The audience is encouraged to identify themselves with the author - through similar group membership, through shared emotion, through mutual goals, through identification of a shared adversary Ex: 'We nurses must…,' 'Those who really care for the health of their patients will agree…,' 'Those of us who want increased recognition of our professional status will …,' 'Most of us will agree that HMOs are often motivated by something other than concern for quality healthcare… " See also
a feeling of sympathetic understanding
a process of establishing and sustaining a relationship by creating feelings of goodwill and trust
The process of building and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and understanding The ability to elicit useful responses from others Often operates at the levels of words, actions, values and beliefs
en rapport
In agreement; harmonious
build rapport
Build a close and harmonious relationship in which there is common understanding
en rapport
In accord, harmony, or sympathy; having a mutual, esp
en rapport
a private, understanding; of a hypnotic subject, being in such a mental state as to be especially subject to the influence of a particular person or persons