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English - Turkish
köpek yavru

Sen bizimle Beyaz Saray'a kadar gelecek yeni köpek yavrusu kazandın. - And you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us … to the White House.

Bizim kayıp köpek yavrusunu aradık fakat boşuna. - We looked for our lost puppy, but in vain.

{i} züppe
züppe genç
{i} kurt yavrusu
köpek ve köpekbalığı yavrusu
puppy love hissi ve çocuksu aşk
{i} delikanlı
{i} köpek yavrusu

Bizim annemiz bize bir köpek yavrusu satın aldı. - Our mother bought us a puppy.

Sen bizimle Beyaz Saray'a kadar gelecek yeni köpek yavrusu kazandın. - And you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us … to the White House.

(argo) Kadın göğsü

She's got such puppies!.

{i} yavru köpek

Tom Mary'ye bir yavru köpek satın aldı. - Tom bought Mary a puppy.

Annem bize bir yavru köpek satın aldı. - Mother bought us a puppy.


Bu, şimdiye kadar gördüğüm en sevimli enik. - This is the cutest puppy I've ever seen.

puppy love
gençlik aşkı
puppy love
ilk göz ağrısı
puppy love
çocuksu aşk
puppy cock
(Argo) Yok devenin nalı
puppy fat
puppy yağ
puppy love
çocukluk aşkı
hush puppy
hişt köpek yavrusu
{i} gençlik
{i} gençlik yılları
{i} delikanlılık
züppece/yavru gibi
yavru köpek gibi
stress puppy
stres küpü
English - English
a (generic) thing; particularly something that is a nuisance; a sucker

I have another two dozen of these puppies to finish before I can go home.

A woman’s breast
A young seal
A young dog
A young rat
{n} a whelp, saucy ignorant fellow, fop
of the common dog; a whelp
{i} young dog or canine; young animal; arrogant person; stupid person
young dog
an inexperienced young person
A name of contemptuous reproach for a conceited and impertinent person
To bring forth whelps; to pup
The young of a canine animal, esp
A woman's breast
A puppy is a young dog. One Sunday he began trying to teach the two puppies to walk on a leash. = pup
young dog an inexperienced young person
puppy dog eyes
A facial expression showing credulous or unsophisticated innocence or naivety
puppy fat
the natural fat on the body of a child that normally disappears at adolescence
puppy feet
A club playing card
puppy feet
A club flush
puppy love
A childish or youthful infatuation with another person

They're only teenagers; it's hard to take their puppy love seriously.

puppy mill
A farm that breeds dogs for profit, often in squalid conditions
puppy mills
plural form of puppy mill
puppy-dog eyes
Alternative spelling of puppy dog eyes
puppy chow
food especially prepared for puppies
puppy fat
Puppy fat is fat that some children have on their bodies when they are young but that disappears when they grow older and taller. fat on a child's body, that disappears as they get older American Equivalent: baby fat
puppy fat
fat on the body of a baby or child; disappears at adolsecence
puppy love
Adolescent love or infatuation. a young person's romantic love for someone, which other people do not think is serious
puppy love
young love, first love, infatuation
puppy love
temporary love of an adolescent
mud puppy
Alternative spelling of mudpuppy
the state of being a puppy
With the playful, innocent, eager to please or energetic qualities of a puppy

He found his subordinate's puppyish enthusiasm a trifle wearing.

sick puppy
A person who is sick (mentally disturbed) in a morbid or gruesome way

If these reports are true, this God is one sick puppy, and dangerous. He solves all his ultimate impasses with ultimate violence.

stress puppy
A person who seemingly thrives on stress, but constantly complains about it
bumble puppy
tetherball, type of ball game for two people where a ball is suspended by a cord on a vertical pole (the objective of the game is to wrap the cord around the pole by hitting the ball in a direction opposite to that of the opponent)
hush puppy
deep-fried cornbread ball (Southern)
hush puppy
A small, round or slightly oblong cake of cornmeal fried in deep fat
mud puppy
aquatic North American salamander with red feathery external gills
mud puppy
hellbender: large salamander of North American rivers and streams
mud puppy
axolotl: larval salamander of mountain lakes of Mexico that usually lives without metamorphosing
plural of puppy
youth and adolescence
The time or state of being a puppy; the time of being young and undisciplined
characteristic of a puppy
Like a puppy
stress puppy
{i} person who seems to want to be stressed but grumbles and complains about it



    Turkish pronunciation



    pup, whelp


    /ˈpəpē/ /ˈpʌpiː/


    [ p&-pE ] (noun.) 1591. Middle English popi, from Middle French poupée doll, toy, from poupe doll.

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