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careless wastefulness

No question has arisen within the records of history that pressed with the importance of the present. ... whether man shall inherit his rights, and universal civilisation take place? Whether the fruits of his labours shall be enjoyed by himself or consumed by the profligacy of governments?.

shameless and immoral behaviour

He had, indeed, reduced several women to a state of utter profligacy, had broke the hearts of some, and had the honour of occasioning the violent death of one poor girl, who had either drowned herself, or, what was rather more probable, had been drowned by him.

shameless viciousness
{n} debauchery
the trait of spending extravagantly
Profligacy is the spending of too much money or the using of too much of something. the continuing profligacy of certain states. = wastefulness
{i} extravagance, wastefulness; wantonness, licentiousness; degeneracy; promiscuousness, depravity
The quality of state of being profligate; a profligate or very vicious course of life; a state of being abandoned in moral principle and in vice; dissoluteness
dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure

    Turkish pronunciation



    /ˈprôfləˌgasē/ /ˈprɔːflɪˌɡæsiː/


    [ 'prä-fli-g&-sE ] (noun.) 1738. profligate + -y

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