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English - Turkish
ikram etmek
teklif etmek
teklif et
{f} (elle) sunmak, uzatmak
{i} teklif, önerme
{i} öneri
{i} teklif
English - English
An offer made; something proposed for acceptance by another; a tender; as, proffers of peace or friendship
To offer for acceptance; to propose to give; to make a tender of; as, to proffer a gift; to proffer services; to proffer friendship
Essay; attempt
To essay or attempt of one's own accord; to undertake, or propose to undertake
to offer to another for acceptance
{n} an offer, essay, attempt, season
{v} to offer, tender, propose, attempt
a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection; "it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"
If you proffer something such as advice to someone, you offer it to them. The army has not yet proffered an explanation of how and why the accident happened. = volunteer
To essay or attempt of ones own accord; to undertake, or propose to undertake
to present to the record in a trial what evidence a party has on a given point after the court has refused its admission into evidence in order that a reviewing court can know what was excluded at the original proceeding
present for acceptance or rejection; "She offered us all a cold drink"
If you proffer something to someone, you hold it towards them so that they can take it or touch it. He rose and proffered a silver box full of cigarettes
{i} offer, proposal, suggestion
A development plan and/or written condition that, when offered by an owner and accepted by the county, becomes a legally binding part of the property in question
{f} offer, suggest, propose
proffer peace
propose peace, make a suggestion for a peace arrangement
To proffer
past of proffer
present participle of proffer
third-person singular of proffer
plural of , proffer