professional indemnity

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English - Turkish
profesyonel tazminat
(Sigorta) mesleki tazminat
(Ticaret) mesleki tazmin sigortası
professional indemnity policy
(Sigorta) mesleki tazminat poliçesi
English - English
Dealing with the area of insurance law which provides cover for liability incurred in the course of exercising a profession
Covers a professional individual or firm against legal liability to compensate a third party who has sustained injury, loss, or damage caused by breach of duty as a member of a regulated profession It includes "defense, settlement and supplementary payments" similar to those provided under CGL
professional indemnity


    pro·fes·sion·al in·dem·ni·ty

    Turkish pronunciation

    prıfeşınıl îndemnıti


    /prəˈfesʜənəl ənˈdemnətē/ /prəˈfɛʃənəl ɪnˈdɛmnətiː/

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