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English - Turkish
mümkün olan hal
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) gücüllük
{i} olanak
{i} olasılık
{i} ihtimal
English - English
An inherent capacity for growth or development
The quality of being, or having potential
An aptitude amenable to development; capability
{n} possiblity, power
{i} latent power, strength that is not visible; hidden characteristics, concealed attributes
If something has potentialities or potentiality, it is capable of being used or developed in particular ways. The breathtaking potentialities of mechanization set the minds of manufacturers and merchants on fire All of these are quite useful breeds whose potentiality has not been realised. = potential. potentialities an ability or quality that could develop in the future
an aptitude that may be developed
The quality or state of being potential; possibility, not actuality; inherent capability or disposition, not actually exhibited
An inherent capacity for growth ot development
the inherent capacity for coming into being
plural of potentiality