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ibret alınacak öykü

Kızıl Kmerler çelişkili eylemlerini meşrulaştırmak için genellikle meseller kullanır. - The Khmer Rouge often used parables to justify their contradictory actions.

kısa hikaye
içinde hakikat payı olan kısa alegorik hikâye
benzetilebilir,kısa hikaye
ifade edilmek istenileni benzetme veya kıyas yoluyle anlatan söz veya konuşma
{i} kıssa
{i} içinde gerçek payı olan kısa alegorik hikâye, mesel
take up so.'s parable
almak o kadar. 'mesel s
English - English
A short narrative illustrating a lesson (usually religious/moral) by comparison or analogy

Catholic sermons normally draw on at least one Biblical lecture, often parables.

That can easily be prepared or procured; obtainable

The most parable and easy, and about which many are employed, is to teach a school, turn lecturer or curate .

a brief narrative founded on real scenes or events usually with a moral
{n} a similitude, a figurative speech
{a} that is easily procured
Story that illustrates a point of some kind, esp , a moral Parables in the Library the Parable of the Investor Parables I didn't write Parable from Ortega y Gasset's "Meditations on Quixote" The Parable of the Two Passengers, by Raphael Carter Note: some parables may belong to more than one category
an earthly story with a heavenly meaning, used by prophets and sages such as Jesus, Buddha, Ramakrishna, etc
a metaphorical story featuring common images and vivid comparisons, but usually with a twist; many (but not all) of Jesus' parables are about the Reign of God Caution: "parables" are only stories told BY Jesus, but not all stories about Jesus; the Gospels' descriptions about Jesus' actions are better called "passages," "paragraphs," "stories," or "pericopes "
one of the forms in NT literature, it is a story told by Jesus, often incorporating an element of surprise, that illustrates an ethical, moral or theological point
An illustrative discourse or story that uses common events and culture and is meant to convey a meaning or lesson Jesus used parables extensively
a short fiction that illustrates an explicit moral lesson
any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message (Example: "The parable of the prodigal son"). "
(New Testament) any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message; "the parable of the prodigal son"
A short fictional story told to illustrate one or more moral points
A parable is a comparison drawn from nature or common experience in life designed to illustrate some moral or religious truth It is a common biblical form in Tanak and in the New Testament
To represent by parable
from the Greek, "to throw alongside;" an instructive metaphor in narrative form in which the images and/or characters of the story illustrate larger principles or ideas, usually intended to challenge or overturn the traditional perspectives or assumptions of the hearers Jesus and others like him used parables as a teaching device
From the Greek parabole (a placing beside, a comparison), a short fictional narrative that compares something familiar to an unexpected spiritual value Using a commonplace object or event to illustrate a religious principle was Jesus' typical method of teaching in the Synoptic Gospels (Matt 13: 3-53; 22: 1; 24: 32; Mark 4: 2-3; 13: 28; Luke 8: 4-18; 13: 18-21; 21: 29) Yet, a recurrent tradition held that Jesus used parables to prevent most of his hearers from understanding his message (Mark 4: 10-12; Matt 13: 10-15; Luke 8: 9-10) Famous Hebrew Bible parables or fables include Nathan's (2 Sam 12: 1-14), Isaiah's (Isa 5: 1-7), Jotham's (Judg 9: 7-21), Jehoash's (2 Kings 14: 8-10), and Ezekiel's (Ezek 17: 22-24; 24: 1-14), the last two of which are allegories
A story that teacheds spiritual truth; it was often used by Jesus
A short story illustrating a lesson; compare with fable, allegory
A parable is a short story, which is told in order to make a moral or religious point, like those in the Bible. the parable of the Good Samaritan. a short simple story that teaches a moral or religious lesson, especially one of the stories told by Jesus in the Bible (parabole, from parabola , from parabole, from paraballein )
{i} (Atasözü), short tale that teaches a moral lesson; riddle, enigma; allegory, symbolic story
A story told to point up a philosophical or religious truth
a short moral story (often with animal characters)
A simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson
A short story intended to teach a moral lesson
(New Testament) any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message; "the parable of the prodigal son
A comparison; a similitude; specifically, a short fictitious narrative of something which might really occur in life or nature, by means of which a moral is drawn; as, the parables of Christ
Jotham parable
allegorical story against the monarchy
plural of parable
take up one's parable
carry a parable, live according to a proverb



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    /ˈperəbəl/ /ˈpɛrəbəl/


    [ 'par-&-b&l ] (noun.) 14th century. From Old French (=modern) parabole, from Late Latin parabola, from Ancient Greek παραβολή (parabolē, “putting aside”).

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