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English - Turkish
daha fazla yaşa
{f} daha uzun yaşamak
-den daha uzun yaşamak
daha fazla yasa
{f} sağ kurtulmak
{f} daha çok dayanmak
uzun yaşa

Niçin kadınların erkeklerden daha uzun yaşadıklarını merak ediyorum. - I wonder why women outlive men.

Kadınlar genellikle kocalarından daha uzun yaşarlar. - Women generally outlive their husbands.

birinden fazla yaşamak
uzun yaşadı
English - English
To live longer than

If anything / it makes it worse, your early death, that / having now at last outlived you, I too / have broken ranks.

to continue to exist after
{v} to live longest or after, to survive
live longer than; "She outlived her husband by many years"
If one person outlives another, they are still alive after the second person has died. If one thing outlives another thing, the first thing continues to exist after the second has disappeared or been replaced. I'm sure Rose will outlive many of us The UN is an organisation which has long since outlived its usefulness
{f} live longer than
live longer than; "She outlived her husband by many years
To live beyond, or longer than; to survive
past of outlive
third-person singular of outlive
present participle of outlive