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{i} imlâ
imla ile
English - English
The aspect of language study concerned with letters and their sequences in words
Spelling; the method of representing a language or the sounds of language by written symbols
Orthographic projection; especially its use to draw an elevation, vertical projection etc. of a building
The study of correct spelling according to established usage
{n} right spelling or writing
the way in which words are spelled (ortographie, from , from , from ortho- ( ORTHODOX) + -graphia ( -GRAPHY))
A linguistic term that refers to the writing system of a language
the study of correct spelling according to established usage See also: heterography, homography
{i} standard writing; art of writing words with the correct letters under standard usage; representation of sound of a language by written or printed symbols; study of spelling and writing
One of the three (independent) components of a writing system which is responsible for determining the relation between the linguistic units represented by the writing system and the symbols used to represent those units; the rules used in laying out or making these symbols visible
Conventional spelling of texts and their principles
The part of grammar that treats of the way a given language is written
A drawing in correct projection, especially an elevation or a vertical section
The art or practice of writing words with the proper letters, according to standard usage; conventionally correct spelling; also, mode of spelling; as, his orthography is vicious
a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols
The writing system of a language OE orthography developed from the adoption of the Latin or Roman alphabet to represent English sounds ME writing introduces a number of Anglo-Norman spelling practices; e g , <ou> for <u> to represent /u: / and <gh> for <h> to represent /x/ The spellings of Chancery clerks (government writers) in the London area become preferred during the development of printing and become standard forms; however, after some of these spellings were established, the Great Vowel Shift changed the pronunciation of long vowels Caxton's printing press (1476) contributes to this standardizing of spelling We use letters in italics or < > to show graphs or written letters
The part of grammar which treats of the letters, and of the art of spelling words correctly
Orthography is the term in linguistics used to describe spelling
The pattern of written symbols for sounds (Moats, 1998)
The written system of any language
{n} one who spells grammatically
{a} according to rule, truly, exactly
One versed in orthography; one who spells words correctly
In a orthographical manner; using proper spelling, capitalization and grammar
In an orthographical manner according to the rules of proper spelling according to orthographic projection
Using an orthographic projection
in a correctly spelled manner; via orthography
plural of orthography



    Turkish pronunciation



    /ôrˈᴛʜägrəfē/ /ɔːrˈθɑːɡrəfiː/


    [ or-'thä-gr&-fE ] (noun.) 15th century. From Anglo-Norman ortografie, Middle French ortografie, ortographie, and their source, Latin orthographia, from Hellenistic Ancient Greek ὀρθογραφία, from ὀρθός (orthos, “correct”) and γράφω (gráphō, “write”).

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