o ring

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English - Turkish
(Askeri) o halkalı conta
lastik segman
English - English
Hardware used to join the legs of a bridle Also known as a Master Link Submitted by Piers from London, UK
a donut shaped circle of rubber or silicone that seals rotating or sliding shafts
A circular gasket that is used for sealing against the entry of water, dust,etc
a gasket consisting of a flat ring of rubber or plastic; used to seal a joint against high pressure
A circular style gasket with a circle in the cross section Offset-Head Spike The most commonly used rail fastener The head is forged entirely on one side of the spike and bears down on the upper surface of the rail's broad base
A circular gasket, usually made of rubber
A circular gasket, usually made of rubber O-rings come in different shapes and sizes On soda kegs, they are used to ensure a gas-tight seal on the main lid, the liquid and gas fittings, and between the dip tubes and the keg body O-rings will eventually deteriorate, and must be replaced occasionally
functions as a seal through the mechanical deformation of the elastomeric compound by mating metal surfaces This creates a condition of zero clearance which blocks the liquid or gas being sealed The pressure which causes the O-Ring to move is supplied by mechanical pressure or squeeze generated by proper gland design, material selection, and by the system pressure transmitted by the fluid itself
- Is a round gasket that is used as a vacuum seal
A type of sealing ring usually of rubber or similar flexible material, that is compressed into grooves to provide the sealing action
A donut-shaped circle of rubber or silicone that seals rotating or sliding shafts, used in areas like shock absorbers and differentials
A ring of synthetic rubber or other material used as a gasket
A ring, typically made from synthetic rubber, used as a seal
Seal Ring of toroidal form, usually of elastomeric material
Rubber rings used as a seal
A donut shaped seal usually constructed of rubber Available in standard sizes as defined by the AS-568 standards
Turkish - English
o ring

    Turkish pronunciation

    ō rîng


    /ˈō ˈrəɴɢ/ /ˈoʊ ˈrɪŋ/


    ... We have a ring around the team. ...
    ... the world.  The Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean coincides with where the cities are ...

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