much more

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English - Turkish
kat kat fazla
çok daha

Yeni garson çok daha yetkili olmalıdır. - The new waiter should be much more competent.

O, müzikten çok daha fazla dans etmeyi seviyor. - He likes dancing, much more music.

çok daha fazla
much more than
den çok daha fazla
much more later
daha sonra
much more time
Çok daha fazla zaman

I spend much more time at home in winter.

much more than
-den çok daha fazla
so much more
kat be kat
so much more
kat kat fazla
a much more
çok daha
so much the more
bahusus ki
English - English
a lot more, vastly greater
much more than
much beyond
so much the more
even more so
much more

    Turkish pronunciation

    mʌç môr


    /ˈməʧ ˈmôr/ /ˈmʌʧ ˈmɔːr/


    [ 'm&ch ] (adjective.) 13th century. Middle English muche large, much, from michel, muchel, from Old English micel, mycel; akin to Old High German mihhil great, large, Latin magnus, Greek megas, Sanskrit mahat.


    ... much more efficiently. ...
    ... And we needed those people to work on other, much more ...

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