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An authorization to a debtor, permitting temporary suspension of payments
A suspension of an ongoing activity

It so happened that at that time the moratorium on the death penalty caused by the Supreme Court decision in the Furman case was still in effect.

an emergency legislation authorizing a government suspend some action temporarily
In regard to the development of land, a temporary suspension or delay in the granting or approval of building permits, sewer and water hookups, or rezoning requests Such action may be initiated by a local government to allow time for a comprehensive growth management study which will be used to assist in formulating future growth plans
The temporary suspension, usually by status of the enforcement of liability for debts
A "hold" that was put on the decision process of the CSC to respond to the proposal submitted by NU as it applies to Phase One of the proposal http: //www cga state ct us/2002/act/Pa/2002PA-00095-R00HB-05609-PA htm
A prohibition on a specific action or thing that may last for an undetermined or a set period of time
The closure of a fishery to participation by new fishermen Generally, this closure occurs for a specific period of time
a temporary prohibition on new construction, usually imposed by government as a response to rapid growth that threatens to exhaust the water and sewer system or that is inadequately controlled by local land-use regulations
A legal permission to defer for a stated time the payment of a bond, debt, cheque, or other obligation This is done to enable the creditor to pull himself round by borrowing money, selling effects, or otherwise raising funds to satisfy obligations The device was adopted in 1891 in the Argentine Republics during the money panic caused by the Baring Brothers' “difficulty,” a default of some twenty millions sterling
1 A temporary suspension of payments due under a financial obligation in order to help a distressed borrower recover from financial difficulties and aviod default and foreclosure 2 A temporary suspension of issuing building permits (See workout)
suspension of an ongoing activity a legally authorized postponement before some obligation must be discharged
Temporary suspension, usually by statute, of the enforcement of liability for an obligation
A temporary ban or halt to a specific activity
a legally authorized postponement before some obligation must be discharged
The temporary suspension, usually by statute, of the enforcement of liability for debt
A temporary suspension of payments due under a financing agreement in order to help a distressed borrower recover and avoid a default and foreclosure
A period of time during which some type of activity is suspended A moratorium on the construction of new and expanded hog operations in North Carolina was recently extended to September 1, 1999
{i} legally authorized delay in the payment of money due; abandonment of debts; temporary cessation of an activity (especially when dangerous or harmful)
A tool used by local governments to stop construction in an area until its effect on facilities can be fully studied
legislative action which prevents a federal agency from taking a specific action or implementing a specific law
a temporary prohibition or suspension of an activity
A period during which an obligor has a legal right to delay meeting an obligation, esp
A period during which a party to an agreement is granted the right to delay fulfillment of an obligation
such a period granted, as to a bank, by a moratory law
During the negotiation process, a period of 60 to 90 days during which EPA and potentially responsible parties may reach settlement but no site response activities can be conducted
suspension of an ongoing activity
Legislation enacted to assist debtors by postponing or suspending their contractual payments
A moratorium on a particular activity or process is the stopping of it for a fixed period of time, usually as a result of an official agreement. The House voted to impose a one-year moratorium on nuclear testing
A cessation of fishing activities
The plural form of moratorium meaning several moratoriums
Moratoria (the singular form is moratorium) are waiting periods on the issuance of construction permits by local zoning authorities Moratoria are typically imposed to allow time for localities to develop or refine ordinances dealing with antenna siting issues However, they have been used by some localities as tools to delay or block the rollout and/or expansion of wireless networks Such usage has resulted in lawsuits by carriers
plural of moratorium
plural of moratorium