milk thistle

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English - Turkish
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) kolgan
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) bostan otu
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) demir dikeni
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) mübarek dikeni
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) boğa dikeni
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) şevketibostan
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) Meryemana dikeni
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) Boğa dikeni, (bot.) Silybum marianum
bot. meryemanadikeni
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) peygamber dikeni
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) uslu kenker
English - English
Any of the thistles in the genus Silybum
any of several Old World coarse prickly-leaved shrubs and subshrubs having milky juice and yellow flowers; widely naturalized; often noxious weeds in cultivated soil
tall Old World biennial thistle with large clasping white-blotched leaves and purple flower heads; naturalized in California and South America
milk thistles
plural form of milk thistle
milk thistle


    milk this·tle

    Turkish pronunciation

    mîlk thîsıl


    /ˈməlk ˈᴛʜəsəl/ /ˈmɪlk ˈθɪsəl/


    [ 'milk ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English meolc, milc; akin to Old High German miluh milk, Old English melcan to milk; more at EMULSION.

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