middle of the road

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of a type of melodic popular music that has wide appeal
Having a centrist attitude or philosophy; not extreme, especially politically

A typical middle of the road compromise is to leave the problem as it is.

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If you describe someone's opinions or policies as middle-of-the-road, you mean that they are neither left-wing nor right-wing, and not at all extreme. Consensus need not be weak, nor need it result in middle-of-the-road policies
not extreme, especially in political views
{s} for all the family, neither here nor there, average
Middle-of-the-road music is pop music which a large number of people like because it is pleasant and does not sound extreme or unusual. The abbreviation MOR is also used. I like cheerful, uplifting middle-of-the-road pop
If you describe something or someone as middle-of-the-road, you mean that they are ordinary or unexciting. I actually don't want to be a middle-of-the-road person, married with a mortgage
middle of the road