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(makinede) işlenebilme
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That means the property of a material, to be machinable by cutting under given circumstances Each material has to be investigated with regard to its cutting behavior in various processing processes (drilling, turning, milling, etc ) Generally, there is good machinability, when: the machining force is low, the cutting edge stays sharp for a long time, a large machining volume is generated in a short time, the surface achieved is good and the chip shape is favorable The cutting conditions have substantial influence on machinability: cutting edge geometry, cutting material, cutting speed, feed, etc It is therefore impossible to express machinability by means of an index number The operating time of the tool is often stated as feature for machinability of a material
{i} ability to be mechanically processed, ability to be cut or shaped by a machine
Metallurgical property of metals and alloys that makes them relatively easy or difficult to machine as measured under specified standard conditions
The relative ease of machining a metal The capacity of a material to be machined easily
A study of the relative ease or difficulty with which different materials can be machined and the many factors which contribute to machining
A measurement describing the ease of machining a specific metal in relationship to other metals
Simply defined as a measure of the ease with which a metal can be machined satisfactorily