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French - Turkish
[la] yasa, kanun; kural

Arabada 16 yaşından küçük bir çocuk varken sigara içmek yasaya aykırıdır. - Fumer dans une voiture avec un enfant de moins de 16 ans est contraire à la loi.


Kanun herkes için aynıdır. - La loi est la même pour tous.

French - English
{n} ordinance
{n} justice
{n} principle
{n} ordonnance
{n} institute
{n} measure
{n} law
{n} law, rule; measure, act, statute
act to
English - English
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An agreement between the client and fund in which the client is entitled to a lower sales charge if they purchase a specific dollar amount within a 13 month period The additional shares the client receives by purchasing under an LOI are held in escrow until the LOI is completed or expires ( also see Linking)
1: A contract signed by a mutual fund shareholder that indicates that the shareholder intends to invest at least a certain amount of money, during a 13-month period, to qualify for a reduced percentage sales charge A letter of intent may be backdated a maximum of 90 days Any shares, bought before the letter of intent was signed and within the 90 days, will be adjusted to reflect the reduced sales charge
a measure of flammability; the level of oxygen in the oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere (expressed as a percentage) that must be present before a fibre will ignite and burn when exposed to flame
(Letter of Intent): Technically, borrowing governments author a "Letter of Intent" to the IMF which specifies the amount of resources needed, as well as the acceptable terms and conditions for the transaction In fact, the IMF usually authors LOIs
Lunar Orbit Insertion A retrograde engine burn that slows the spacecraft down enough to be captured into an orbit around the moon Normally this is done as a combination of two manuevers by the CSM SPS engine, LOI-1 and LOI-2 The first slows the spacecraft and the second establishes a circular orbit
Letter of Intent
Loss on Ignition - the change in weight of a skein after heating the roving long enough to burn off the organic sizing LOI includes moisture and solids
Abbreviation for Letter of Intent Written declaration prior to a portfolio investment which announces the intention of an investor and an entrepreneur to conclude a deal
Letter of Indemnity
The amount of weight a material loses on firing LOI is usually crystal bound water or carbon material that burns away
Lunar Orbit Insertion