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(Askeri) yasa koruma, güvenlik polisi (law enforcement)
English - English
{i} chronic inflammatory collagen disease that affects skin or joints (Medicine); family name; female first name
Albright Ivan Le Lorraine Alembert Jean Le Rond d' Bienville Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Figaro Le Iberville Pierre Le Moyne d' François Joseph le Clerc du Tremblay Emilie Charlotte Le Breton Later Le dynasty Le Bon Gustave Le Brun Charles Le Carré John Le Châtelier Henry Louis Le Corbusier Le Gallienne Eva Le Guin Ursula Kroeber Le Havre Le Loi Le Mans Grand Prix d'Endurance Le Nain brothers Le Nôtre André Le Pen Jean Marie Le Van Duyet Le Sage Louvois François Michel Le Tellier marquis de Monde Le Morgan le Fay Le Douanier Rousseau Franz de le Boë Vauban Sébastien Le Prestre de Viollet le Duc Eugène Emmanuel
Local exchange (ISDN, SS#7)
LAN Emulation Refer to LANE
= 'Light Edition' - as opposed to 'Professional Edition' - Light Edition is for use by students, home and light users Unless you really need the professional editions additional functionality for most uses the Light Edition is fine Light Edition is free of charge for personal use Professional Edition costs money for the extra functionality
Lesions Number of fish with lesions
a chronic inflammatory collagen disease affecting connective tissue (skin or joints)
LAN Emulation
A Marconi program that implements both the LAN Emulation Server (LES) and the Broadcast/Unknown Server (BUS)
the inductance of a driver's voice coil, typically measured at 1 kHz in millihenries (mH)
Law Enforcement
A/N, oblique case: reflexive pronoun (object = subject); anaphoric pronoun (in subordinate clause, refers to the subject of the main clause)
surnames with "le", for example "le Palefrayor", were occupational names, in this case, "the chap who looked after the nobleman's horse" The name itself was not a surname, but an identifier name, but it later developed into a surname -- Renia Simmons (edited)
Local Exchange
Logic Element -- what Altera calls their logic blocks Contains a bit more logic than a 4-LUT (but not much)
Leading Edge
Labor Exchange
Language Environment LE can be used in a CICS environment to provide a runtime library that establishes a common execution environment for programming languages
with, attributed to
Individuals with Limited English proficiency The term "individual with limited English proficiency" means a secondary school student, an adult, or an out-of-school youth, who has limited ability in speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language, and - (A) whose native language is a language other than English; or (B) who lives in a family or community environment in which a language other than English is the dominant language
Logical Extents An HP-UX term LEs are Physical Extents that have been allocated for use in a Logical Volume Logical Extents are simply a way to map the Physical Extents allocated to various Logical Volumes They are always numbered sequentially but are not necessarily contiguous unless specified to be so
Listed Endangered LT - Listed Threatened PE - Proposed Endangered PT - Proposed Threatened
Lupus erthyematosus
lighting efficacy

    Turkish pronunciation


    /lə/ /lə/


    [ -l&-'fA ] (noun.) Old French Morgain la fee Morgan the fairy.

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