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English - Turkish
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) uyuşmazlık
Uyumsuzluk, uyuşmazlık, ahenksizlik
Uyum yetersizliği, uyumsuzluk, anlaşamamazlık
English - English
out of place, absurd
a want of congruence; incongruity
the extent of the disparity between one's self concept and one's actual personal experience
A state of being "at odds" with oneself, having "parts" in conflict with each other Evidenced by having reservations, being not totally committed to an outcome, expressing incongruent messages where there is a lack of alignment or matching between verbal and non-verbal parts of the communication
Want of congruence; incongruity
{i} lack of harmony, lack of agreement
A partial or divided response which is indicative of uncertainty in the mind of the respondent An incongruent response can be elicited in someone by offering them incongruent communication (mixed messages) or insufficient information with which to operate Where internal conflict is already extant, there is a shortage of information somewhere within the individual's own system
Contradiction or conflict between parts of yourself, beliefs, values or actions Maybe sequential - one action followed by another that contradicts it - or simultaneous - positive words expressed with a doubtful voice tone
{n} inconsistency