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English - Turkish
nikâh düşmeyen akraba ile cinsel ilişki kurma
{i} yakın akraba ile cinsel ilişki
{i} ensest

Mary kardeşi Tom ile ensest bir ilişki içindeydi. - Mary was in an incestuous relationship with her brother Tom.

Ensest, neredeyse tüm kültürlerde bir tabudur. - Incest is a taboo found in almost all cultures.

hısımla cinsel ilişki
akraba ile zina
(Tıp) Akraba (hısım) lar arasında cinsi münasebet, akraba ile zina
{i} ensest, yakın akraba ile cinsel ilişki kurma
akraba ile cinsel ilişki
incest barrier
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) ensest engeli
incest fantasy
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) ensest fantazisi
incest relationship
ensest ilişki
incest victims
akraba kurbanları
{i} zina
{i} evlilik dışı ilişki
English - English
Sexual relations between close relatives (too closely related to be legally married), usually considered taboo, and a crime in many jurisdictions
sexual relations between people who may not legally marry, especially between close relatives
Incest is the crime of two members of the same family having sexual intercourse, for example a father and daughter, or a brother and sister. sex between people who are closely related in a family (incestum, from castus ; CHASTE). Sexual relations between persons who, because of the nature of their kinship ties, are prohibited by law or custom from intermarrying. The incest taboo is generally universal, although it is imposed differently in different societies. Usually, the closer the genetic relationship between two people, the stronger and more highly charged is the taboo prohibiting or discouraging sexual relations. Some sociobiologists consider that inbred populations have diminished reproductive success and become gene pools for hereditary disorders. Some cultural anthropologists argue instead that the incest prohibition, with the corresponding rules of exogamy, acts to require males to seek sexual and marital partners outside the group, thereby establishing useful alliances. Other theories emphasize the need to control sexual jealousies within the family or to prepare children to function with restraint in adult society. No single explanation seems satisfactory, causing some to question whether incest should be treated as a unitary subject. Most cases of incest that come before criminal courts concern sexual intercourse between fathers and relatively young daughters (see child abuse)
sexual intercourse between persons too closely related to marry (as between a parent and a child)
the crime of having such a relationship
The crime of cohabitation or sexual commerce between persons related within the degrees wherein marriage is prohibited by law
{i} sexual relations between individuals who are closely related
{n} a cohabitation of parties prohibited