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English - Turkish

Onlara konukseverlikleri için teşekkür notu gönder. - Send them a thank-you note for their hospitality.

Kaptan Cook konukseverliklerinden dolayı yerlilere teşekkür etti. - Captain Cook thanked the natives for their hospitality.

{i} misafirperverlik
hospitality suite
(Turizm) konukkseverlik süiti
hospitality consulting
(Finans) turizm danışmalığı
hospitality of notation
gösterim misafirperverliği
hospitality committee
(Politika, Siyaset) ağırlama komitesi
hospitality room
konuk odası
Hospitality management
konaklama işletmeciliği
show hospitality
turkish hospitality
(Turizm) türk misafirperverliği
English - English
The act or service of welcoming, receiving, hosting, or entertaining guests

Please thank our hosts for their hospitality during the week that we stayed.

The business of providing catering, lodging and entertainment service
the practice of receiving and entertaining strangers and guests with kindness
{n} entertainment of strangers
The act or practice of one who is hospitable; reception and entertainment of strangers or guests without reward, or with kind and generous liberality
Hospitality is the food, drink, and other privileges which some companies provide for their visitors or clients at major sporting or other public events. corporate hospitality tents
The gift of Hospitality is the special ability God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to provide a welcoming atmosphere for people who come to their home or church (see 1 Peter 4: 9, Romans 12: 9-13, Romans 16: 23, Acts 16: 14-15, Heb 13: 1-2)
kindness in welcoming guests or strangers
A common social and cultural topic (a subtexture of social and cultural texture), hospitality is the welcoming of strangers as guests into one's home to dine or lodge Hospitality plays a role in the honor culture of Mediterranean society, because a host gains honor by the quality of his/her guests and guests are expected to honor their hosts Any slight one either party's part results in shame and dishonor on the offending party
All food, beverage and snacks to be provided to the Artists before and after the show
Consuming Passions (ABC) Check Tasting Australia website The Edible Monument: Art of Food for Festivals (Getty Research Institute) See also Slow Food International
The ability to meet the basic social needs of and to extend care to persons (strangers) beyond one's immediate circle of friends
Organize or volunteer for setting up and cleaning up for Parent's Club-sponsored events Some evenings necessary
{i} warm reception of guests and strangers into one's home welcome; act of being hospitable
Hospitality is friendly, welcoming behaviour towards guests or people you have just met. Every visitor to Georgia is overwhelmed by the kindness, charm and hospitality of the people
Making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were
The ability to provide an open house and a warm welcome to those in need of food and lodging Acts 16: 14-15, Romans 12: 9-13, Romans 16: 23, Hebrews 13: 1-2, I Peter 4: 9
Southern hospitality
The reputation for people in the U.S. South to be particularly warm and welcoming to visitors
corporate hospitality
Corporate hospitality is the entertainment that a company offers to its most valued clients, for example by inviting them to sporting events and providing them with food and drink. corporate hospitality at football grounds. executives in a corporate hospitality tent
plural of hospitality