half measure

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disapproval If someone refers to policies or actions as half measures, they are critical of them because they think that they are not forceful enough and are therefore of little value. They have already declared their intention to fight on rather than settle for half-measures
half measure is no measure
it's not worth doing something unless one means to complete it
half measures
actions or methods that are not effective in dealing with the whole of a difficult problem
half measure


    half meas·ure

    Turkish pronunciation

    häf mejır


    /ˈhaf ˈmeᴢʜər/ /ˈhæf ˈmɛʒɜr/


    [ 'haf, 'h[a']f ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English healf; akin to Old High German halb half.

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