grease monkey

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English - Turkish
oto tamircisi
araba tamircisi
araba ustası
English - English
A mechanic, often with the specific connotation of an automobile mechanic

I'm no grease monkey, but I can manage to change out my engine's spark plugs without assistance.

automobile mechanic: someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles
mechanic, auto repairman (Slang)
A mechanic, especially one who works on motor vehicles or aircraft
A (car) mechanic
grease monkey


    grease mon·key

    Turkish pronunciation

    gris mʌngki


    /ˈgrēs ˈməɴɢkē/ /ˈɡriːs ˈmʌŋkiː/


    () Dates to at least 1928. May have originated during the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain when children were used to grease the large rotating axles which were used to transfer power from one centralized steam engine to all of the machines on the factory floor. These children, covered in grease and crawling in the tight spaces in the ceilings, were equated with monkeys.

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