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the supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations
an ordinary General Assembly or an extraordinary General Assembly of IAGA
The gathering for all members of the United Nations
the highest governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U S A ) and represents in one body all 11,300 congregations in the denomination The General Assembly meets annually It is composed of commissioners elected by each of the 173 presbyteries Each presbytery elects an equal number of ministers and ruling elders (laypersons), based upon the total number of church members in its churches In 1998 there are 562 commissioners The General Assembly establishes policies, priorities and budgets for the work of the denomination and elects persons to ongoing boards and committees that carry out the work of the denomination between meetings of the General Assembly
The principal deliberative body of the United Nations
This refers to the joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives during two consecutive years General Assembly is also used as a synonym for the combined houses of the Indiana legislature Germane - Committee action and amendments to a bill must be germane (relevant) to the subject matter of the original bill in which it is inserted Amendments or committee action ruled not germane are disregarded and do not receive consideration by the House and Senate
public meeting, legislative assembly, general gathering of all parties involved
The General Assembly is a SEMCOG (link to Southeast Michigan Council of Governments) committee exclusively comprised of elected officials The committee exchanges information, adopts the SEMCOG annual work program, budget, bylaws as well as all regional plans This committee meets three times a year
The annual business meeting of the UUA Congregations send representatives to make policy decisions for the denomination
The elected body that creates legislation for the State of Connecticut, consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives http: //www cga state ct us
persons who make or amend or repeal laws
The General Assembly (GA) is an open forum for participation in the work of the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) The participants in the GA should be individuals who have a knowledge of and an interest in issues pertaining to the areas for which the DNSO has primary responsibility, and who are willing to contribute time, effort and expertise to the work of the DNSO, including work item proposal and development, discussion of work items, draft document preparation, and participation in research and drafting committees and working groups
The main body of the United Nations in which all member States are represented and are entitled to one vote The Assembly may make recommendations but does not have the power to force any State to act on its decisions At present, 188 countries are members of the UN
  In New Jersey, one of the two houses that comprises the state Legislature   The General Assembly has 80 members - 2 elected from each legislative district - and is presided over by the Speaker of the General Assembly
General Assembly of the United Nations
legislative assembly of the United Nations (international organization for world peace and security)
United Nations General Assembly
One of six principal components of the United Nations and the only one in which all UN members are represented. It meets annually or in special sessions. It acts primarily as a deliberative body; it may discuss and make recommendations about any issue within the scope of the UN charter. Its president is elected annually on a rotating basis from five geographic groups of members
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Definition of general assembly in Turkish English dictionary

genel kurul general assembly
(of an organization)
general assembly


    gen·er·al As·sem·bly

    Turkish pronunciation

    cenrıl ısembli


    /ˈʤenrəl əˈsemblē/ /ˈʤɛnrəl əˈsɛmbliː/


    [ 'jen-r&l, 'je-n&- ] (adjective.) 14th century. Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin generalis, from gener-, genus kind, class; more at KIN.

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