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English - Turkish
arkadan çekmek
trene bindirmek/binmek
{f} trene binmek
(Askeri) TRENE BİNMEK, TRENE BİNDİRMEK: Trene bindirmek, genel olarak, kıtaları demiryolu ile bir yerden başka bir yere nakil maksadıyla yapılır
{f} trene yüklemek
{f} trene bindirmek
x trene bin/trene bindir
trene bindirmek veya binmek
alıp götürmek
ilave etmek
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kenetlenme
third person singular of entrain
üçüncü kişi trene binmek tekil
English - English
To get into or board a train
To suspend small particles in the current of a fluid
To encarriage, to conjoin, to link; as in a series of entities, elements, objects or processes
To draw along as a current does; as, water entrained by steam
To trap bubbles in water either mechanically through turbulence or chemically through a reaction
{f} board a train; put aboard a train
To draw in and transport, (as solid particles or gas), by the flow of a liquid
board a train
To put aboard a railway train; as, to entrain a regiment
To trap chemicals and particles in water either mechanically through turbulence or chemically through a reaction
To cause a system to "lock" its vibration to that of an outside source The locking can be one to one, or some mathematical multiple of the excitation vibration In living systems, such as a dolphin pod, a sonic vibration is generated by the "Alpha One" organism and passes throughout the pod Each of the members of the pod is then locked to the nervous systems’ actions and reactions of each other and the pod leader The teaching of language does the same Such is what learning vibratory patterns and significances is all about This is how the brain receives and stores patterns, and templates
To go aboard a railway train; as, the troops entrained at the station
The alignment of an organism's circadian rhythm to that of an external rhythm in its environment
past of entrain
present participle of entrain
the tendency for your brain to synchronize the waves it generates with a rhythm
The drawing of fish and other aquatic organisms into tubes or tunnels carrying water for cooling purposes into thermal plants, or for power generating purposes into hydroelectric plants Entrainment increases mortality rates for those organisms
The process of being captured in cooling water of a power plant This usually applied to small organisms such as fish larvae and zooplankton
The process whereby gases generated in the cell carry electrolyte through the vent cap
The loss of oil from containment when it is pulled under a boom by a strong current
The process of drawing fish into diversions along with water, resulting in the loss of such fish
mobilization, by flowing water, of sediment or organic debris from the bed or banks of a stream channel
Any of several processes in which a solid or liquid is put into motion by a fluid
One of three distinct processes involved in erosion Is the process of particle lifting by an agent of erosion
the mixing of environmental air into a rising air parcel; has the effect of reducing instability (Entrainment)
The loss of oil from containment when it is pulled under a boom by a strong current Entrainment typically occurs from booms deployed perpendicular to currents greater than 1 knot (0 5 meter per second)
Capturing of fish within a strong current so that they are unable to escape
— synchronization of a rhythm (such as a circadian rhythm) to a repetitive signal or environmental cue (such as the rising or setting of the sun)
Gas is added into the powerhouse flow, increasing the level of total dissolved gas, as the result of the amount of spill going over the spillway into the tailrace of the dam
(1) The passage of organisms through the cooling systems of, for example, power plants (2) Ambient water being brought into the cooling plumes as the effluents are discharged from power plants
plural of entrainment