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English - Turkish
düet yapmak

Benimle bir düet yapmak ister misin? - Would you like to sing a duet with me?

(Muzik) iki ses için

Tom ve Mary birlikte düet yaptılar. - Tom and Mary sang a duet together.

Tom, Mary'yi onunla düet yapmaya ikna etti. - Tom persuaded Mary to sing a duet with him.

{i} atışma
i., mus. düet, düo
{i} çift
duet drama
(Tiyatro) ikili oyun
perform a duet
düet yapmak
English - English
To communicate (warnings, mating calls, etc.) through song
A pair or couple, especially one that is harmonious or elegant

The fare is Caribbean with an Asian touch — millefeuille of sun-dried tomato, Paris mushrooms and chargrilled local asparagus followed by a duet of chicken and shrimp.

To perform a duet
A musical composition in two parts, each performed by a single voice (singer, instrument or univoce ensemble)
a composition for two voices or instruments
{n} a song or air in two parts
two performers or singers who perform together
a musical composition for two performers two performers or singers who perform together
– Two performers playing or singing together
a pair who associate with one another; "the engaged couple"; "an inseparable twosome"
An event in which two athletes swim together
two items of the same kind
(ballet) a dance for two people (usually a ballerina and a danseur noble)
A vocal or instrumental composition with two parts of equal importance A duet may consist of two melodic parts, or of two parts with accompaniment
(or duo)Music for two instruments or two voices
A duet is a piece of music sung or played by two people. a piece of music for two singers or players quartet, solo solo, trio trio (duetto, from duo ). duetted duetting if one singer or musician duets with another, they sing or play together
A piece written for two performers A duet can be either an instrumental chamber genre or a vocal chamber genre
A composition for two performers, whether vocal or instrumental
{i} song or musical piece for two voices or instruments
a musical composition for two performers
A piece for two performers
plural of duet



    Turkish pronunciation



    /dyo͞oˈet/ /djuːˈɛt/


    [ dü-'et also dy&uum ] (noun.) circa 1740. from Italian duetto 'short musical composition for two voices', diminutive of duo 'two', itself from Latin duo 'two'

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