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act of disjoining; disunion, separation
a logical operator that results in true when some of its operands are true
During meiosis, the separation of chromosomes (homologous in meiosis I, and sister chromatids in meiosis II)
The proposition resulting from the combination of two or more propositions using the or operator
state of being disjoined
{n} a parting, separation, disunion
state of being disconnected
A disjunctive proposition
A truth-functional relation, symbolized by the truth-functional symbol "v" and usually translated "or " The disjunction of two claims is true if and only if at least one of the claims is true; it is false if and only if both are false
The comma that occurs between the plagal and dominant parts of a key in just harmony and results in a dissonant supertonic chord
During meiosis, the seperation of chromosomes (homologous in meiosis I, and sister chromotids in meiosis II)
A truth function that is true when one or the other of its components (called disjuncts) is true, and false otherwise Also the connective denoting this function; also the compound proposition built from this connective
The logical operator || (or)
The act of disjoining; disunion; separation; a parting; as, the disjunction of soul and body
A proposition of the "either or" form Example: "Either it's raining or it's snowing "
Disjunction is represented in CYC® by the logical connective #$or A formula is sometimes called a disjunction if it begins with #$or
{i} state of being disconnected; act of disconnecting; type of compound proposition which is true when one of its alternatives is true (Logic)
separation of pieces or pawns example?
The normal process by which the two homologs of each chromosome in a meiotic cell separate and move to different gametes (see Chapter 5)
a difference between two things that you would expect to be in agreement
The process in anaphase during which sister chromatid pairs undergo separation
the act of breaking a connection