dinner party

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English - Turkish
(Bilgisayar) akşam yemeği partisi

Tom bir akşam yemeği partisinde. - Tom is at a dinner party.

Onlarla bir akşam yemeği partisinde tanıştık. - I met them at a dinner party.

yemekli davet

Yemekli davete on misafir alıyoruz. - We are having ten guests at the dinner party.


Tom ve Mary pazartesi akşamı bir ziyafet veriyor. - Tom and Mary are having a dinner party Monday evening.

yemekli toplantı
English - English
A relatively formal meal at which invited guests eat in the home of the host; a guestmeal
A dinner party is a social event where a small group of people are invited to have dinner and spend the evening at someone's house. a social event when people are invited to someone's house for an evening meal
banquet honoring a person or event, celebratory feast
dinner party


    din·ner par·ty

    Turkish pronunciation

    dînır pärti


    /ˈdənər ˈpärtē/ /ˈdɪnɜr ˈpɑːrtiː/

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