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Digital Audio Tape — a digital data storage tape format using a dual-spooled cartridge and magnetic tape, used for digital audio and data storage
digital audio tape, cassette tape used for digital sound recording
DAT is a type of magnetic tape used to make very high quality recordings of sound by recording it in digital form. DAT is an abbreviation for `digital audio tape'. digital audiotape. dative. digital audio tape a system used to record sound or information in digital form
Digital audio tape Used as a storage medium in some backup systems
Digital Audio Tape The most common type of tape backup
digital audio tape; a digital magnetic tape format originally developed for audio recording and now used for computer backup tape; the latest DAT storage format is DDS (digital data storage)
(digital audio tape) (n ) A magnetic tape cassette for recording and playing back digital audio
Digital Audio Tape A high density storage medium
Digital Audio Tape A very high quality medium for storing digital information, especially audio
Digital Audio Tape A cassette about 2/3 the size of an analog cassette which records sound digitally This acronym is also used to refer to DAT "decks" which record onto DAT tapes DAT tapes and decks are currently the most common way of recording live shows See also [Taper Geeks]
an audiotape recording of sound
Digital Audio Tape With this storage format, signal recording in digital form extends the high dynamic-range and low-noise benefits of CDs to tape
Digital Audio Tape (also R-DAT): DAT is a system designed for recording and reading digital data using a special tape cassette DAT can be used to store over one gigabyte of computer data and can be used as a master source medium for sending your audio to MMSdirect for duplication [BACK]
Abbreviation for Digital Audio Tape, specifically a certain type of digital tape, resembling a small videocassette, on which one can record stereo audio and subcoded index and time information The high audio quality at a (relatively) low price made DAT a defacto standard in the music industry in the 1990s, from amateur musicians to major studios Music publishers' concerns over bootlegging of copyrighted material resulted in adding SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) on consumer DAT recorders, which limits digital dubbing of tapes This restriction, along with high prices, seemed to dissuade the consumer market from embracing the technology, and most companies are only making recorders for the pro and semi-pro recording market Recordable CDs have made DATs less prevalent
Digital Audio Tape Digital quality audio recorded onto tape Also A-DAT which is multitrack DAT Back
4mm Digital Audio Tape
Digital AudioTape A Digital magnetic tape format originally developed for audio recording and now used for computer backup tape The latest DAT storage format is DDS (digital data storage)
For Digital Audio Tape; a magnetic tape from which you can read and to which you can copy audio and digital information
Abbreviation for "Digital Audio Tape"; used in reference to this type of tape as well as the recorders that use it
Digital Audio Tape, a magnetic tape format developed by Sony and Philips in the mid-1980's DAT uses a rotary-head (or "helical scan") format, where the read/write head spins diagonally across the tape as in a video cassette recorder Its proper name is "R-DAT", where "R" for rotary distinguishes it from "S-DAT", an earlier stationary design Most computer DAT recorders use DDS format, which is the same as audio DAT, but it is not always possible to read tapes from one system on the other Compare Exabyte
Digital Audio Tape
Digital Audio Tape Tape such as that used in music cassettes adapted to carry computer data Normally referred to as DAT Tape
An abbreviation of Digital Audio Tape and a standard format for recording digital audio on specially designed small cassette tapes
Digital Audio Tape 2
Digital Audio Tape Data Area In ISO 9660, the space on a CD-ROM where the user data is written It begins at the physical sector address 00: 02: 16 Digital Audio Extraction The process of copying CD-DA audio tracks digitally, from your CD recorder or CD-ROM drive, to hard disk or to recordable CD Not all CD-ROM drives support this (but most CD recorders do)! For more information Disc-at-Once A method of writing CDs in which one or more tracks are written in a single operation, and the disc is closed, without ever turning off the writing laser Contrast with Track-at-Once Not all CDrecorders support Disc-at-Once For more information
Digital Audio Tape A high-density storage medium

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