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English - Turkish
{i} yarışmacı

Yarışmacı, iki yanlış start yaptı. - The contestant made two false starts.

Tom üç yarışmacıdan biriydi. - Tom was one of three contestants.

{i} aday
{i} rakip
{i} ödüle itiraz eden kimse
{i} karara itiraz eden kimse
bir seçimin sonucuna itiraz eden kimse
contestant, opponent
Rakip yarışmacı
English - English
A participant in a contest
One who contests; an opponent; a litigant; a disputant; one who claims that which has been awarded to another
a person who participates in competitions
a person who dissents from some established policy
A contestant in a competition or quiz is a person who takes part in it. = competitor. someone who competes in a contest
{i} competitor; appellant, one who appeals, one who contests
A NAR member or a team composed of NAR members entered in a sanctioned competition
In an individual event, a player; in a pair event, two players playing as partners throughout the event; in a team event, four or more players playing as teammates
plural of contestant