come run up against a blank wall

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run up against
Begin to encounter problems with someone or something

The latest model has run up against the limits of its technical capacity.

come up against
If you come up against a problem or difficulty, you are faced with it and have to deal with it. We came up against a great deal of resistance in dealing with the case
come up against
{f} encounter (a difficult problem); meet with (difficulties, hardship, etc.)
run up against
If you run up against problems, you suddenly begin to experience them. I ran up against the problem of getting taken seriously long before I became a writer = encounter
come run up against a blank wall


    come run up a·gainst a blank wall

    Turkish pronunciation

    kʌm rʌn ʌp ıgenst ı blängk wôl


    /ˈkəm ˈrən ˈəp əˈgenst ə ˈblaɴɢk ˈwôl/ /ˈkʌm ˈrʌn ˈʌp əˈɡɛnst ə ˈblæŋk ˈwɔːl/

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