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Eğer dağda kar yağarsa, vadide hava soğuktur. - If it snows on the mountain, it is cold in the valley.

Kolezyum vadisi birkaç tepe ile çevrilidir. - The valley of the Colosseum is enclosed by a number of hills.


Burada tüm sene boyunca hava soğuktur. - The weather is cold all year round here.

Burada tüm sene boyunca hava soğuktur. - It is cold all year round here.

cogr geçit
(isim) dağ geçidi
{i} dağ geçidi
meteor iki antisiklon arasındaki alçak basınç alanı
(re: status bar abbr.) Süt
(Havacılık) kol

Bogdan Tanjević kolon kanseri nedeniyle istifa edecek. - Bogdan Tanjević will resign because of colon cancer.

Pul koleksiyonum yok ama onu davet etmek için bir mazeret olarak kullanabildiğim Japon kartpostal koleksiyonum var. - I don't have a stamp collection, but I have a Japanese postcard collection that I could use as an excuse to invite him.

col width
(Bilgisayar) süt genişliği
(Colonel) Albay
col comfort
(deyim) zugurt tesellisi
(Bilgisayar) sütunsay
exclude col
(Bilgisayar) sütun dışla
exclude col
(Bilgisayar) sütunu dışla
exclude row/col
(Bilgisayar) satır/sütun dışla
include col
(Bilgisayar) sütun içer
initial col width
Başlangıç Sütun genişliği
English - English
Colima, a state of Mexico
A dip between mountain peaks in a summit-line
Col. is a written abbreviation for Colonel when it is being used as a title in front of someone's name. Col. Frank Weldon. col. is a written abbreviation for column and colour. A pass between two mountain peaks or a gap in a ridge. the written abbreviation of colonel. a low point between two high places in a mountain range (collum; COLLAR). the written abbreviation of column
A short ridge connecting two higher elevations or mountains; the pass over such a ridge
a steep, high pass
{i} pass between two mountain ridges
ANY The variable in the window common block which defines a relationship
reverse line-feeds filter
coll', colla - With or "with the "
A hollow or saddle between hills
a "pass" or low, sometimes protected area on a massif (mountain range)
Table Column COL is used to define the generic properties of a table column
As two cirque glaciers converge, they form an arete If they should continue to converge and overtop the ridge separating them, they will erode the ridge in the center The result is a low pass (col) in the middle of what was formerly an arete
a pass between mountain peaks
A connection across the rock arete dividing two cirques
A prefix signifying with, together
(noun) A short ridge connecting two higher elevations; a pass between mountain peaks; a gap in a ridge
In describing landforms, a pass between two valleys is sometimes termed a col In describing molecular °potential energy functions, this term is commonly used to describe analogous features of the PES; a col is the region around a saddle point having negative curvature along one axis and positive curvature along all orthogonal axes
This view is included for compatibility with Oracle version 5 Use of this view is not recommended
(Computer Output to Laser Disk) - Storage of high volume of documents on laser disks
False colour image Colours are assigned to classified sections of the image as derived from the original satellite data
The low point on a ridge between two peaks
The Commonwealth of Learning
An abbreviation for the epistle to the Colossians, a book in the New Testament of the Bible
col legno
: A musical notation indicating that the strings are to be struck with the wood of the bow
{i} military rank
Variant of com-. Variant of colo-
il. col.
illustrations in color
Lt Col
lieutenant colonel
Lt. Col.
military rank in the United States armed forces that is below colonel and above major; one who holds the rank of lieutenant colonel
Commercial Online Service
This is a synonym for USER_TAB_COLUMNS
plural of col