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English - Turkish
{i} defin
(Askeri) TEDFİN, GÖMME: Bknz. "emergency burial; group burial, trench burial". Ayrıca bakınız: "graves registration"
burial service cenaze töreni
(Tıp) Gömme, ölü gömme
{i} toprağa verme
{i} cenaze töreni

En son ne zaman bir cenaze törenindeydin? - When was the last time you were at a burial ceremony?

burial ground mezarlık
burial and grave registration
(Askeri) gömme ve mezar kaydı
burial site
burial ground
burial service
cenaze töreni
burial chamber
Defin odası
burial contract
bir hayat sigortası olmaması veya 1500 dolardan daha az değerde olması durumunda cenaze fonu, 1500 dolara kadar bir para sağlamaktadır
burial mound
burial and grave registration
(Askeri) GÖMME VE MEZAR KAYDI: Bak. "grave registration"
burial ground
burial ground
(Nükleer Bilimler) radyoaktif made mezarlığı,radyoaktivite gömme yeri (radyoaktivite mezarlığı)
burial metamorphism
(Jeoloji) gömülme metamorfizması
burial mound
{i} mezarın üstündeki toprak yığını
burial place
burial vault
(Mimarlık) bodrum mezarı
burial vault
yer altı mezarı
relief and burial
kabartma ve mezar
death and burial
ölüm ve defin
emergency burial
(Askeri) ACİL GÖMME: Bir mezarlığa gömmek için tahliyeye imkan vermediği zaman veya ulusal ya da uluslararası yasal düzenlemelere göre gömmeyi yapmak mümkün olmadığı zaman, genellikle, muharebe meydanında yapılan bir gömme işlemi. Bak. "burial"
group burial
(Askeri) TOPLU DEFİN, TOPLU GÖMME: Kimlikleri tespit edilmemiş iki veya daha fazla cesedin müşterek bir mezara gömülmesi. Ayrıca bakınız: "burial"
isolated burial
(Askeri) RASTGELE YERDE GÖMME: Ölülerin belirli bir askeri veya sivil mezarlık dışında bir yere gömülmesi
isolated burial
(Askeri) rastgele yerde gömme
take for burial
cenazeyi kaldırmak
trench burial
(Askeri) TOPLU DEFİN: Zayiatın çok fazla olması halinde herkes için bir mezar kazılmasını ve ayrı ayrı defin yapılmasını önlemek için, bir hendek hazırlanıp ölülerin bu hendek içine yan yana kondukları bir defin usulü. Bak. "burial"
English - English
The act of burying; interment
{n} a funeral, the act of burying
Placing of a dead body in an underground chamber - earth burial- interment
the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave
{i} act of burying, act of placing a corpse in the ground; ceremony which accompanies interment; grave
concealing something under the ground
A grave; a tomb; a place of sepulture
the act of putting a dead body into the ground, or the ceremony connected with this
A burial is the act or ceremony of putting a dead body into a grave in the ground. The priest prepared the body for burial He can have a decent burial. Ritual disposal of human remains. The practice is often intended to facilitate the deceased's entry into the afterworld. Grave burial dates back at least 125,000 years. Types of graves range from trenches to large burial mounds to great stone tombs such as pyramids. Caves have also long been used for the dead e.g., in ancient Hebrew burials, the sepulchral caves (rock temples) of western India and Sri Lanka, and the Dogon cliff burial sites. Water burial, such as occurred among the Vikings, has also been common. Cremation and the scattering of ashes on water is widely practiced, especially in Asia; in India the remains of the deceased are thrown into the sacred Ganges River. Some peoples (American Indian groups, Parsis, etc.) employ exposure to the elements to dispose of their dead. Among many peoples, the first burial is followed by a second, after an interval that often coincides with the duration of bodily decomposition. This reflects a concept of death as slow passage from the society of the living to that of the dead. Jewish custom requires speedy burial; a prayer known as the Kaddish is recited at the graveside, and a gravestone is normally erected a year after burial. Christian burials are often preceded by a wake, a "watch" held over the deceased's body and sometimes accompanied by festivity. Bodies of Muslims are laid on their right side and facing Mecca
(Gr Taphe; Sl Pogrebeniye) The act of interment of the dead body of one of the faithful in consecrated ground, according to the appropriate Orthodox rites and service of burial (Nekrosimos) The Church may deny an Orthodox burial to those who have committed a mortal sin such as blasphemy, suicide, denial of faith, or acceptance of cremation
The act of burying; depositing a dead body in the earth, in a tomb or vault, or in the water, usually with attendant ceremonies; sepulture; interment
burial chamber
A chamber, often below ground level, used to bury the remains of the dead
burial ground
A cemetery or graveyard
burial mound
A mound of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves
burial mounds
plural form of burial mound
burial chamber
A chamber that is used as a grave(synonym) sepulcher, sepulchre, sepulture
burial at sea
{i} disposal of human remains in the sea
burial ceremony
funeral, ceremony performed when burying the dead
burial chamber
a chamber that is used as a grave
burial garment
cloth used to cover a corpse in preparation for burial
burial ground
A burial ground is a place where bodies are buried, especially an ancient place. an ancient burial ground. = graveyard
burial ground
land set aside for the burying of a dead body in a grave or tomb
burial mound
{i} tumulus, mound raised over a grave; (Archeology) pile of earth built over ancient tombs
burial mound
(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs
burial place
place of burial; grave
burial service
ceremony that accompanies the burying of a dead body in a grave or tomb
burial society
{i} organization responsible for the preparation and burial of the dead
burial stone
head stone, stone covering a grave
mass burial
Burial of multiple bodies in a mass grave
Jewish burial society
Jewish religious organization which buries the dead (Israel)
plural of burial
full military burial ceremony
burial ceremony performed with full military honors
members of the burial society
members of the group that prepare the dead for burial and arrange funerals
military burial ceremony
military funeral
military burial ground
military cemetery, cemetery for fallen soldiers
platform burial
practice of placing a person's corps on an above-ground structure
relief and burial
body responsible for evacuation injured and killed citizens, civil authority that manages emergency evacuations
religious burial
funeral according to religious laws
sky burial
A traditional Tibetan funeral practice in which the body of a dead person is exposed to the open air to be eaten by vultures
sky burial
a traditional Tibetan funeral ritual in which the corpse is exposed to the open air to be eaten by sacred vultures
their burial place is unknown
the place where they are buried remains a mystery, their bodies/corpses were not found
tree burial
Disposal of the dead by placing the corpse among the branches of a tree or in a hollow trunk, a practice among many primitive peoples