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Alternative spelling of bull's eye
The bull's-eye is the small circular area at the centre of a target. Five of his bullets had hit the bull's-eye
If something that you do or say hits the bull's eye, it has exactly the effect that you intended it to have
In shooting or the game of darts, a bull's-eye is a shot or throw of a dart that hits the bull's-eye
The nickname of the first postage stamps produced in Brazil in from 1843
hit the bull's eye
strike the center of a target, strike or achieve what one was aiming for, be exactly right
The bull's-eye
bull's eye
the center of a target
bull's eye
in target shooting: a score made by hitting the center of the target; "in repeated sets of five shots his numbers of bull's-eyes varied"
bull's eye
central circle on a target; shot that hits a bull's eye; direct hit; central area targeted in a bombing raid; missile which hits the central area of a target; small circular window or opening
hitting the bull's eye
hitting the center of a target