bir çeşit kılcal parazit

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Turkish - English
(Tıp) loa
In the voodoo religion, a spirit intermediary between Bondye (the creator god) and human beings
Letter of Admonition
Letter Of Agency A document from the customer that authorizes the vendor to review and/or make changes to a customer account
{i} (in Haiti) spirit in voodoo belief that is considered to be a protector and guide
Leave of Absence
letter of agreement
(Letter of Agency) A letter that you give to someone whom you allow to represent you and act on your behalf For example, a letter of agency is used when your interconnect company orders lines from your local phone company on your behalf
Length overall; the distance between the most forward part of the boat and the most aft part
The length overall of the hull excluding bowsprit and other rigging if any, stem fittings, stern fittings, pulpits, any overhanging rudder and rudder hangings
Signed by the registered parties on an account, entitling the Financial Advisor, the back office, or the mutual fund company to perform a specified action on the client's behalf
A LOA (Letter of Agency) is a form that some long distance companies ask you to sign before they will switch your long distance service Nearly all long distance companies allow a residential TPV (Third Party Verification) to be performed as a substitute for an LOA As technology improves, more and more long distance companies will allow residential LOAs to be signed "electronically" on CallSaving net, thus eliminating the need for both paper-based forms and the TPV process
(Letter of Agency) Written by a customer authorizing a specific inter-connector to act exclusively on behalf of the customer when requesting CPNI or service order activity The letter may have a set time frame or may be open ended
limit of advance
An ancestral deity in the Vodou religion
Letter of Agency The Letter of Agency is a letter signed by the customer that an agent, or ARES, uses to request delivery services from the utility
Legions of Anadar These are the forces that Anadar has organized from alien races who have fallen under his control Anadar rules by terror, and he has compiled his forces primarily from races who are violent and understand the rule of terror The Bordaxian and the Darstarii are the most common races, but there many many others On Entalis itself, the Bordaxian race is the primary threat, and it is they who have taken over the city of Seaton on the southern end of the continent of Tanzibar
Limited Operational Assessment; Letter of Agreement
length over all
Letter of Agency This is an FCC-required form that must be filled out by a long distance customer to allow the switching of long distance companies
A Voudoun diety: that is, the power of a divine archetype working through a congenial personality built up for it by human worship and invocation in Voudoun The most frequent means of manifestation of the Loa is by temporary possession of a devotee (The word "Loa" has but one form for singular and plural )
bir çeşit kılcal parazit