beyond a reasonable doubt

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English - Turkish
makul bir şüphe götürmez
beyond reasonable doubt
(Politika, Siyaset) makul şüphelerin ötesinde
English - English
A legal standard for deciding the outcome of a criminal charge, requiring evidence that is sufficient to eliminate any doubts that a reasonable person might entertain about whether a claim is more likely to be true than not
beyond a doubt
without a question
beyond a reasonable doubt


    be·yond a rea·son·a·ble doubt

    Turkish pronunciation

    bîônd ı riznıbıl daut


    /bəˈônd ə ˈrēznəbəl ˈdout/ /bɪˈɔːnd ə ˈriːznəbəl ˈdaʊt/

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