be abundant in

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English - Turkish
-de bol/çok olmak: The forest was abundant in game. Ormanda av hayvanı çoktu
be in
moda olmak
be in
yer almak

Ben bu işin içinde yer almak istemiyorum. - I don't want to be involved in this affair.

be in
(Spor) gol olmak
be in
evde/ofiste bulunmak
be in
(mevsimi geldiği için) (sebze/meyve) çıkmak
English - English
be plentiful in, abound in, contain a lot of
be in
be fashionable, be trendy; be in season, be available
be abundant in


    be a·bun·dant in

    Turkish pronunciation

    bi ıbʌndınt în


    /bē əˈbəndənt ən/ /biː əˈbʌndənt ɪn/


    [ 'bE ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English bEon; akin to Old High German bim am, Latin fui I have been, futurus about to be, fieri to become, be done, Greek phynai to be born, be by nature, phyein to produce.

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