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English - Turkish
{i} anekdot

Ben o anekdottan çok etkilendim. - I was very influenced by that anecdote.

Dedemin anekdotlarını seviyorum. - I love my grandfather's anecdotes.


Onun fıkraları hepimizi eğlendirir. - Her anecdotes amuse us all.

kısa öykü
kısa hikaye

Büyük babam yüzlerce kısa hikaye anlatır. - My grandfather tells hundreds of anecdotes.

Anekdot, kısa hikâye, menkıbe, fıkra
{i} hikâye

Büyük babam yüzlerce kısa hikaye anlatır. - My grandfather tells hundreds of anecdotes.

kısa hikâye
relate an anecdote
hikâye anlatmak
English - English
A short account of an incident, often humorous
An account which supports an argument, but which is not supported by scientific or statistical analysis
A previously untold secret account of an incident
a brief account of some interesting event or incident
{n} a piece of secret history
A story Often used to describe a type of evidence used in argument, as in anecdotal evidence Anecdotal evidence is sometimes used to appeal to emotion rather than logic Those who use anecdote in this fashion suggest that a conclusion can be reached on the basis of one incident, rather than a careful scientific inquiry Anecdotal evidence is, therefore, often used to describe a given argument disparagingly Further discussion
short account of an incident (especially a biographical one)
A short account of some interesting incident or event May be oral or written, and is usually told to entertain
A short, amusing narrative of an entertaining or curious incident that is often biographical
A brief recounting of a relevant episode Anecdotes are often inserted into fictional or non fictional texts as a way of developing a point or injecting humor
A short story that is used to make a point or that is interesting in itself
a short, interesting or amusing narrative or biographical incident
An anecdote is a short, amusing account of something that has happened. a short story based on your personal experience (anekdota , from ekdidonai )
{i} short narrative describing an interesting or amusing incident
Unpublished narratives
A particular or detached incident or fact of an interesting nature; a biographical incident or fragment; a single passage of private life
A previously untold, secret account of an incident
plural form of anecdoton
Alternative spelling of anecdote
plural form of anecdotum
plural of anecdote