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English - Turkish
anormal bitiş
olağandışı bitiş
aniden bitmek
olağandışı bitti
abnormal end" iciN KISALTMA
abend exit
(Bilgisayar) hatadan çıkış
Turkish - Turkish
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(Can we clean up() this sense?) Acronym of absent by enforced net deprivation

Unfortunately she is ABEND. Some of us Jackals have been taking turns filling in during her absence.

Alternative spelling of abend
Termination of a process prior to completion
An abnormal termination of a program
To terminate abnormally

The nightly invoicing job abended at 3am.

Abnormal end of task
crash" of a computer program, atypical termination of software (Computers)
(verb, computer) short for ABnormal END Used when a program crashes usually associated to mainframe program languages
A message issued by an operating system when it detects a serious problem, such as a hardware or software failure An abend will stop a NetWare server This term is derived from abnormal end Alias One of several alternative hostnames with the same Internet address Hostname aliases often indicate that the host with that alias provides a particular network service Analogue Data in the form of some continuously variable physical quantity For a communications signal, a continuously variable waveform (as opposed to discretely variable) The public telephone network was designed to transmit voice messages in analogue form Contrast with digital
The abnormal ending of a scheduled task
An acronym for "abnormal end " A batchload abends when OCLC's batchloading routines cannot read your file Sometimes it is because a tape was physically damaged Often it is because the tape or file is formatted incorrectly The file cannot be processed and must be replaced
Abnormal end The term used to describe a Netware server which has experienced a crash or critical error
Abnormal end An abnormal termination of a job or task
Abnormal End, the term used to describe abnormal end of a program
(1) Abnormal end of task (2) Synonym for abnormal termination
Termination of a process prior to completion. See also: abort; exception
In mainframe computing, an abnormal job termination (abnormal end)
An unexpected processing termination that may indicate that program coding was incorrectly performed and that earlier testing was not adequate or not adequately controlled Abend stands for abnormal ending [SRV] (see also failure)
An abnormal end to a communication session or program It may be caused by either a hardware or software failure Also call crash or bomb
(1) The abnormal end of a task
Abnormal end, of a task or transaction A CICS command to abnormally terminate a transaction An MVS macro to abnormally terminate an MVS program and/or task
Abnormal End
ABnormal END The kind of error you hate to see on a Novell NetWare file server System is halted
Derived from "ABnormal END," an error message on the IBM 360 It is the result of erroneous software logic or hardware failure