(to ile) kabul ettirmek

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Turkish - English
{v} to make men or things agree
a method of calculating the correct amount of cash in a bank account by taking the opening balance of the account, adding any receipts, deducting any disbursements (not including outstanding checks), and comparing the result with the bank statement ending balance
An accounting procedure to reflect agreement of the bank statement to the check register
1 To settle or to resolve a dispute 2 In order to capture an issue in conflict, the debater must demonstrate why her/his analysis of the issue is superior to that of the opposition
the act of settle or resolving a difference; keeping things consistent and accurate
bring into consonance or accord; "harmonize one's goals with one's abilities"
To become reconciled
come to terms; "After some discussion we finally made up
To make things compatible or consistent
If you reconcile two beliefs, facts, or demands that seem to be opposed or completely different, you find a way in which they can both be true or both be successful. It's difficult to reconcile the demands of my job and the desire to be a good father Negotiators must now work out how to reconcile these demands with American demands for access
To make the net difference in credits and debits of a financial account agree with the balance
come to terms; "After some discussion we finally made up"
To cause to be friendly again; to conciliate anew; to restore to friendship; to bring back to harmony; to cause to be no longer at variance; as, to reconcile persons who have quarreled
A process to make sure your checkbook balance matches your financial institution's balance for your account
To adjust; to settle; as, to reconcile differences
{f} restore to a state of harmony, settle, conciliate
To make consistent or congruous; to bring to agreement or suitableness; followed by with or to
make compatible with; "The scientists had to accommodate the new results with the existing theories"
To bring to acquiescence, content, or quiet submission; as, to reconcile one's self to affictions
(to ile) kabul ettirmek