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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} zimmetine geçirme
{i} kötüye kullanma
(Askeri,Ticaret) güveni kötüye kullanma
(Askeri) çalma
{i} ihtilâs
{i} zimmete geçirme
(Kanun) zimmet

Tom zimmetine para geçirme suçunu kabul etti. - Tom pleaded guilty to embezzlement.

Sami zimmetine para geçirmekle suçlandı. - Sami was accused of embezzlement.

(Ticaret) zimmet suçu
{f} zimmetine geçirmek
zimmete geçirmek
(Ticaret) irtikap etmek
zimmetine geçir

Parayı zimmetine geçiren kişinin Tom olduğunu nasıl anladın? - How did you discover that Tom was the one who had embezzled the money?

O kamu parasını zimmetine geçirdi. - He embezzled public money.

(pul) zimmetine geçirmek
zimmetine gecirmek
kendine mâletmek
embezzlement zimmete geçirme
embezzler zimmetine para geçiren kimse
{f} (emanet para veya mülkü) zimmetine geçirmek
types of embezzlement
yolsuzluk türleri
İngilizce - İngilizce
The fraudulent conversion of property from a property owner
{n} fraud by using anothers property for one's own benefit
{i} illegal appropriation of money entrusted to one's care, fraud
The fraudulent appropriation by a person to his own use or benefit or property or money entrusted to him by another
The act of an employee stealing money or assets of the company
The fraudulent appropriation by a person to his own use or benefit of property or money entrusted to him by another
the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else
To appropriate to one's own use, money or property entrusted to one's possession
Embezzlement is the crime of embezzling money. Crime of fraudulently appropriating property entrusted to one's care and converting it to one's own use. It occurs when a person gains possession of goods lawfully and then misappropriates them. It thus stands in contrast to larceny, the taking of goods from another without the latter's consent. The most widely adopted embezzlement statutes cover custodians of public funds. Many laws subject public servants to severe penalties, even if funds are lost through improper administration rather than a clear attempt to steal. See also fraud, theft
Fraudulent taking or use of another's funds or property which has been entrusted to one's care
- The fraudulent use of money or property which has been entrusted to one's care
Anyone with ready access to financial accounts has the potential of conducting embezzlement Accounts within the bank, or the accounts of the bank's customers may be attacked The methods used for embezzlement are very diverse and may include maker and endorser forgery, stolen checks, counterfeiting, misuse of debit/credit/ATM cards, wire transfers, new account opening, and many other schemes Embezzlement can continue to occur over long periods of time Return to top
The fraudulent appropriation to his or her own use or benefit of property or money entrusted too him/her by another, by a clerk, agent, trustee, public officer, or other person acting in a fiduciary character
Fraudulent use or theft of property or money not belonging to the person entrusted with its care
The fraudulent use of money or property that has been entrusted to one's care
fraudulent use or taking of another’s property or money which has been entrusted to one’s care
1 Fraudulent appropriation for one's own use of property lawfully in his or her possession, a type of larceny that did not exist in common law because it does not involve a trespassory taking; thus, it is a crime created by statute Embezzlement is often associated with bank employees, public officials or officers of organizations, who may in the course of their lawful activities come into possession of property, such as money, actually owned by others
The fraudulent taking of property left in one's care A proper system of internal controls in a business will reduce the opportunities for embezzlement to occur Every facet of a company is open to embezzlement, including cash handling, receivables, payables, inventory, and equipment Most business managers are astounded to learn how vulnerable their company is to embezzlement
The fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been intrusted; as, the embezzlement by a clerk of his employer's money; embezzlement of public funds by the public officer having them in charge
To steal or misappropriate money that one has been trusted with, especially to steal money from one's employer

You let Dunsey have it, sir? And how long have you been so thick with Dunsey that you must collogue with him to embezzle my money?.

to misappropriate secretly
{v} to defraud by appropriating to one's own use, what is entrusted to one's care
{f} illegally appropriate money entrusted to one's care, defraud
to steal or misappropriate money that one has been trusted with, especially to steal money from ones employer
appropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use; "The accountant embezzled thousands of dollars while working for the wealthy family"
If someone embezzles money that their organization or company has placed in their care, they take it and use it illegally for their own purposes. One former director embezzled $34 million in company funds. to steal money from the place where you work (embeseiller, from besillier )
The illegal transfer of money or property that, although possessed legally by the embezzler, is diverted to the embezzler personally by his or her fraudulent action For example, an employee would embezzle money from the employer or a public officer could embezzle money received during the course of their public duties and secretly convert it to their personal use
To misappropriate; to waste; to dissipate in extravagance
To appropriate fraudulently to one's own use, as property intrusted to one's care; to apply to one's private uses by a breach of trust; as, to embezzle money held in trust